How to Install Front Door Sidelight Blinds

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
Measuring tape

There are many ways to control not only shade, but also keep out sunlight during the day and street light during the night. While many people prefer curtains or drapes, another sound option is to install sidelight blinds.

Sidelight blinds are a good idea not only for practical purposes, but also for decorative ones. If you install sidelight blinds to your front door, you can control the amount of sunlight that comes through the glass panels. Besides you can complement the blinds' color and style with the remaining accessories in the vicinity of the front door. Let us describe the procedure involved to install sidelight blinds.

Step 1 - Order the Blinds

First of all, you have to measure the sidelight windows, so as to order the blinds accordingly. Use a tape measure to carefully record the dimensions of your window. Write them down and either take them with you to the home improvement store or keep them at your side while you shop online for the sidelight blinds that suit both your personal taste and budget.

Step 2 - Mark and Drill the Holes

Next, mark the points where the brackets will be installed. Make the mark in pencil rather than ink in order to avoid permanently tarnishing the surface of your wall. Drill holes on either side using your power drill and an appropriate size drill bit.

Step 3 - Install the Brackets

The sidelight blinds will come with all of the necessary hardware, including the brackets. Once the holes have been made, install the brackets. Align the bracket to the hole, and then insert the screws to fasten each of them.

Step 4 - Install the Blinds

Once the brackets have been fixed, insert the headrail through them. Snap it into place, and you are done. Enjoy your new sidelight blinds.