How to Install Gable Vents on Stucco

What You'll Need
gable vents

It takes some time and energy to install gable vents on stucco. But it is one of the important things to do if you want to keep your attic cool in summer. In summer, temperature inside your attic may rise about 30 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside the temperature due to radiation of heat from the ceiling. Vent is an effective solution to compensate for this rise in temperature and reduce your cooling cost. A gable vent has series of louvers with downward slope. These emit hot air outside and reduce the inside temperature. Vents are very useful in winter also. In winter water, vapor rising from your living area can get condensed. Vents eliminate the water vapor and prevents your insulation and rafter.

  • wood boards
  • hammer
  • chalk
  • reciprocating saw with a bimetal blade
  • building paper
  • staple gun
  • caulk
  • nails and screws

Step-1 Choose your vent

You need one vent for each side of the attic. Vents can be made of metal, copolymer or wood. Copolymer vents, being durable and more efficient in reducing temperature are more popular.

Step-2 Build and put the frame

Now follow the manufacturer’s instruction and form a frame for the vent using 2 by 4 wood boards. The dimension of the frame needs to fulfill some criterion. It’s horizontal dimension should allow it to fit tightly between the existing studs. On each side it should have at least 1/8 inch clearance for the vent. Fix the frame at its appropriate position with screws. Mark the corners. Drill holes at the corners using 3/8 inch drill hole with long bit or bit extension. This should be visible from the outside. It will help you locate the corners of the vent from outside of the house.

Step – 3 Make the opening

Using a chalk connect the holes outside by straight lines. This roughly defines the outline of the opening for the vent. Cut the opening using a reciprocating saw with a bimetal blade. Now, place the vent in the opening. It will not fit exactly in the opening. Staple building paper in the siding of the opening to fill the gap between the siding of the opening and the outer face of the vent. Apply a caulk layer on the paper. This serves a seal and resists the seepage of moisture into the wall.

Step -4 Mount the vent

Slide a metal cap flashing under the siding and the building paper at the upper side of the opening. Now it is the time to mount the vent finally. It needs some maneuver to mount it properly in the opening.  Bring the top of the vent flashing under the metal cap. Then push the vent to fit in the opening properly. Secure vent in position using the nail and screws in the nailing flange. 

Take deep breath. Your gable vent is installed.