How to Install Galvanized Gutters

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Hack Saw
Soldering gun
Screw gun or hand drill
Protective gloves
Protective Goggles
End caps

Galvanized gutters are an economical and convenient type of gutter system to install. A gutter system is designed to direct rainwater that runs off the roof to a downspout and away from the house and home foundation. The gutter takes the water away from the home and garden eliminating holes and ditches being created by sheets of water pouring off the roof.  There are two types of gutter systems; when installing galvanized gutters use only a mounted bracket system. Galvanized gutters are zinc coated and disruption in that coating  by creating holes in the gutters to attach directly, can be an area of concern for rust and erosion.

Step 1 – Measure

Measuring the length of the eaves will give you the total linear footage you will require. Typical gutter material comes in 10 foot lengths. You will need to account for coupling inches when taking your measurements; add 2 inches per 10 feet measured. Measure for your downspouts; most homes only require 1 to 2 downspouts mounted on a corner of the home.

Step 2 – Purchase Materials

Purchase the length of gutter and number of downspouts you will need. Brackets should be placed on every other rafter. Purchase appropriate nails and screws. You can simplify your gutter purchase with a gutter system kit. You will purchase the entire recommended system according to the linear feet you have measured.  The kit will include the brackets, hangers, end caps, screws and nails. You may find you will not use all that is supplied or you may have to purchase a few additional pieces, however, this is a good convenient way to start.

Step 3 – Install the Mounting Brackets

Create a chalk line just under the shingles on the trim board. The gutter will need to have a downward pitch of 1 inch per 16 feet, directed toward the downspout. Follow all manufacturer's recommended instructions for installation and mounting of the brackets. The brackets should be nailed or screwed to the trim board as close as possible to chalk line.

 Step 4 – Create Downspout Openings and Couplings

Once the brackets have been installed, you may need to couple gutter pieces or add elbow joints, do this prior to placement in the brackets. Cut the gutter lengths you require and solder the joints. You should cut out any downspout holes at this point. You can use the downspout as a guide to trace the hole in the gutter. Drill a center hole in the downspout tracing then use your hacksaw to cut out the hole.

Step 5 – Install the Gutters

The gutter should easily clip into the mounting brackets.

Step 6 - Install the Downspouts

Nail the downspout brackets to the side of the house. Snap together the appropriate downspout pieces and attach the downspout to the brackets. Align the downspout opening with the gutter opening you cut.  Attach the elbow at the end of the downspout.