How to Install Garage Door Weatherstripping

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Garage weather stripping
Measuring tape
Flathead nails
Miter saw
Weather stripping kit

Garage door weatherstripping prevents dirt and debris from entering through the bottom of the garage door. It also controls airflow into the garage and stops heat from escaping through the edge of the door. A garage door weatherstripping keeps the temperature maintained and the garage cleaner. It is easy to install weatherstripping on your garage door on your own. Follow the guidelines below and weather seal your garage door.

Step 1 - Visit your nearest Hardware Store

You can easily purchase a garage door weather stripping along with a weatherstripping kit from your nearest hardware store. Weatherstripping is available in a variety of materials. However, the best weatherstripping that is mostly used is a hard aluminum or plastic nailing strip. This strip has a flexible and soft vinyl or rubber piece connected to it. The purpose of the weatherstripping is to have direct contact with the door whereas the flexible vinyl or rubber piece allows the door to move up and down easily.

Step 2 - Take Due Precautions

Before you get to work, take due precautions. Wear safety glasses and protect your ears when you use power saws or any other tools. This will ensure that your skin and eyes remain protected from any sort of damage.

Step 3 - Remove Any Old Stripping

Before you begin work, remove any old weather stripping. You can remove the old weather stripping using a hammer and a flat bar. Without damaging the door frame, tap the flat bar under the strip and pry the nails off from the door frame.

Step 4- Get to Work

Place all your tools outside the garage as you will install the weather stripping on the outside of the garage door. Using a miter saw, cut square ends of the header piece. A miter saw will make fine cuts in your header piece and make your work easier. Take out your nails and nail the header piece into position. Place the nails at equal intervals from eight to eighteen inches on the center of the headpiece.

Usually, the weather stripping kit has nailing positions that are pre-marked. If your weather stripping kit does not contain nails, you can use roofing nails. The header piece will keep the weather strip up against the garage door when it opens and closes.

Step 5 - Fix the Side Pieces

Use the measuring tape for measuring the side pieces. Use a pencil to mark before cutting them. Make sure the side pieces touch the header piece. Then extend it to the garage floor. Nail the side pieces in the same way as you nailed the header piece.

Step 6 - Weather Stripping & Testing the Garage Door

At the top of the side pieces, cut the weather stripping at a 45-degree angle so that it is nicely fixed. Now, the last step is to check the garage door. Hence, open and close the garage door a few times to see if it works smoothly. If there are any problems, fix them accordingly.