How to Install Greenhouse Fans

What You'll Need
Greenhouse fan
Graphic paper
Switch or wireless remote control

Greenhouse fans are almost a must-need element of any greenhouse. If you are an avid gardener, a serious hobbyist or an agriculturalist, you know the importance of greenhouses. Creating a greenhouse will naturally extend your growing season. You will be able to begin the growing season earlier on in the year by planting seeds and you will harvest your vegetables and fruits well into the fall months. For an optimal climate in your greenhouse, make sure you install greenhouse fans in the proper location and use the proper spacing between fans. Here is a how-to guide on installing greenhouse fans.

Step 1 – Review Your Greenhouse

Carefully take a look at your greenhouse. Measure its length, width and height. On paper, begin to layout the greenhouse fans based on the amount of air you need to circulate. A simple mathematical equation can be applied to determine the number of fans you will need.

  • Determine the square foot area of your greenhouse (multiply the length times the width).
  • Multiply that number by 12.
  • This is the number of cubic feet of air that exists in your greenhouse that must be circulated by a greenhouse fan.

Step 2 – Consider the Seasons

The placement and number of greenhouse fans is dependent upon what part of the world you live in. If you are in an area that suffers from severe cold weather, your circulation needs will be different than those that live in an area that has mild winters. On the other hand, if you live in a part of the world that enjoys extreme heat in the summer months, you will have different needs than someone who is exposed to a cooler summer season. Be aware of both extremes when developing your plan for greenhouse fans. To meet the needs of both winter and summer months, purchase both single speed and double speed exhaust fans.

Step 3 – Purchase Greenhouse Fans

Choose one or more fans. In purchasing greenhouse fans, look for those that have louvers. The louvers will reduce the heat loss that is caused during winter months. Most greenhouse fans come pre-assembled and ready to install in your greenhouse. Consider purchasing a galvanized greenhouse fan if you are located in a high humidity region.

Step 4 – Determine Location for Fan

Review the diagram you drew in Step 1. Find an opening or a location in your greenhouse that can support the greenhouse fan or fans. The area must be equal to the fan’s required opening. Review the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for location. This will help determine the best place for optimal operation.

Step 5 – Wire a Switch

After you have installed the fan and the accompanying thermostat, wire a switch directly to the thermostat. Invest in a wireless remote control. This will give you access to your thermostat and to the fan remotely in your home or in another location by the greenhouse.