How To Install Gutter Hangers

If your old gutters are beyond cleaning and repairing knowing how to install gutters can keep your home looking beautiful and prevent water damage.


It’s easiest to put the gutters together on the ground and then put them into place under the roof eaves. Be sure to measure and cut the gutters properly. If you don’t take in account the extra length of shingles at end of the eaves, your gutters won’t divert rain water properly.
Luckily, gutters come with end caps for both sides, and they have pre-drilled rivet holes. Put the end caps on and then you’ll need to drill into the pre-made holes to create a hole that is aligned in the gutter. Then put the rivet on and go on to the next hole until you are done. Double check to make sure the end caps are on tight enough.

The Outlet Tube

This is the hardest part of the job, but the most important. You need to make sure you pay attention that you are aligning them in place with the downspout location. Use a framing square against the wall to see if you are on the center line, from the downspout up to the gutter board. Mark the center line, and then you can trace around the outlet tube to draw the hole. You can trace the outlet tube by placing it upside down on the gutter.
Put a block of wood under the outlet tube so you can use your wood chisel to create the hole.

Be very careful that you are cutting the hole correctly. If you don’t cut it large enough, you won’t be able to insert the tube. If you make it too big, then you won’t have enough gutter for the tube flange.

Then you will put in the rivets.  It looks nicest when you put the rivet heads on the bottom side of the gutter. That way the points will be inside the gutter and no one will be able to see them.

The Sealant

You need to work accurately and fast when you are dealing with roofing sealant, because it dries very quickly. It’s easiest to put the sealant in the cracks while the gutter is still on the ground. Tilting it slightly will make sure that the sealant gets fully in the cracks. Next you want to put a lot of sealant on the flange, covering the entire area.

The Finishing Touches

It is important to install the gutter hangers at the rafter tails. It’s also best to pain the gutter before you install it, and you’ll want to make sure that you get the entire surface.

Pick the gutter up from the middle so that it is balanced. Make sure you leave a bit of fall for the gutter that leans towards the outlet tube.  If you slope the gutter, it will not hang correctly.

Knowing these steps before makes the whole job a lot more fun and of course, easier. Plus you’ve just added worth to your home by keeping it well maintained.