How to Install Gutters on a Hip Roof

What You'll Need
Gutters and downspouts
Miter saw
Rivet gun
Silicone sealant

Installing gutters for a hip roof is much like installing gutters on any other kind of roof. They come in various different styles and types and they are usually installed by professional tradesmen. This job can be done by homeowners themselves, however, with a bit of basic DIY knowledge and the right tools and equipment. It is quite an extensive project nonetheless, even with a smaller house. You will need to dedicate a couple of days to getting the job done. It should also be done on a day when no rain is expected.

Step 1-Making Preparations

The first thing you will need to do is make a chalk line along the fascia of the roof. This should begin from the top of the downspout location. How many downspouts you decide to install depends on the size of the house. You will probably want to install them in the corners of the building. If the wall is particularly long, it is a good idea to have a downspout at each end.

Step 2-Attaching the Gutter Brackets

When you have made your measurements and other preparations, you will need to attach the brackets that will hold the gutters in place. There should already be nail heads located in the fascia of the roof. These will probably be found every 16 inches or so. Using the chalk, place a mark at the end of every second rafter. These marks should then have pilot holes drilled into each one of them. Using screws, attach the brackets to them. These need to be firmly fixed in place, the screws being about 2 or 3 inches in length to drill deep into the rafter ends.

Step 3-Cutting the Gutters

Before you install the gutters, you will need to cut them to the right lengths. Use the power miter saw to cut the gutters to the appropriate lengths. 45 degree angles need to be cut at each end so that they will fit with the next section of the gutter at the corners of the building. Since you are installing the gutters onto a hip roof, there should not be any ends, as the gutter should go right around the house. You will also need to cut holes for the downspout. Mark the holes and cut them carefully so that they perfectly fit with the downspout.

Step 4-Putting the Gutters in Place

Place the gutters that you have cut into the brackets. Slip these up into the hooks and attach the gutters with flanged nuts and screws. This part is significantly easier if you have somebody to help.

Step 5-Installing the Downspouts

Finally, install the downspouts. These should also be attached firmly to the wall of the house using brackets. Using the rivets, fasten the elbows of the gutters onto the downspouts. Downspouts tend to get more wear and tear from weather, so they need to be installed with a great deal of care.