How to Install Half Round Window Blinds

What You'll Need
Steel Tape Measure
Power Drill and Bits
Phillips and/or flathead screwdriver
Proper anchors to support weight of blinds

Half round windows are simply classy and beautiful, although they may appear more complicated for hanging blinds because of their arched shape. However, I am going to show you step by step how hanging blinds in half round windows does not have to be much more difficult than hanging blinds in regular windows.  Instructions vary slightly, depending on the width of the window.

Step 1- Measuring

The first step to putting in half round blinds is to actually measure the window. Start by measuring the top, bottom, and sides. In addition, measure the height of the window in the middle and on both sides. Use these measurements to purchase fitted blinds. In addition, take note as to whether the window includes a mullion, which is the support beam running down the center of the window.

Step 2 - Inspection

Inspect the purchased blinds for any wear or tear that would result in needing to exchange them. Check to make sure all mounting equipment has been included, especially the brackets.

Step 3 - Brackets

Attach end mount brackets to the side window jambs with the power drill. If the window is over 48 inches and does not include a center mullion, you will also have to install L brackets, which is explained more fully below.

Step 4 - Head Rail

Take the head rail, which is the rail that serves as a support horizontally across the window, and insert the blinds into it. Next, hang the head rail from the brackets that you just attached. Lock the rail in its brackets according to the manufacturers instructions.

Step 5 - Windows More than 48 inches with a Center Mullion

If your window is 48 inches or less wide then skip to the seventh step. Windows larger than 48 inches require more support to avoid sagging in the middle. If the window has a center mullion, L brackets should be attached to this beam on either side. Attach the L brackets to the head rail with center bracket.

Step 6 - Windows More than 48 inches without a Center Mullion

If the window is this large and does not have a center mullion, then a shelf must be installed for the extra support. A shelf is a piece of wood that is the length and depth of the window opening. It should be attached to each side window jambs with L brackets.  Mount the blinds to the underside of the wood shelf with the brackets provided as in a normal installation.

Step 7 - The Arch

Attach the arch, included in your kit, to the blind head rail. If it is for a window more than 48 inches with a center mullion, attach the arch to the top of the shelf.

The most important step for procuring good half round window blinds is measuring. Make sure your measurements are accurate and comprehensive, and the rest of installation is simply drilling and mounting in the right order.