How to Install Hanger Bolts

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What You'll Need
2 nuts
Open end wrench
Drill/drill bit

Hanger bolts are a great way to install a safety railing, table leg, small ledger board for stairs, or for other projects where you need to screw into wood, but have an exposed screw for fastening. The hanger bolt has two sides that are covered with threads. A wood-thread section for driving into wood and another threaded area for machine nuts or other fasteners. Installing them is tricky as you do not want to damage the threads. Here is a guide to help you install hanger bolts easily without damaging them.

Step 1 - Drill Hole into Wood

Using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the wood side of the hanger bolt, drill into the wood a small pilot hole. This will make screwing the bolt into the wood a little easier.

Step 2 - Thread on Nuts

A bunch of hangar bolts.

Take two nuts that will thread onto the machine side of the bolt and tighten them against each other.

Step 3 - Install Hanger Bolt

Once the two nuts are tightened onto the hanger bolt, you can install it into the wood. Place the bolt over the pilot hole and begin to twist it. Use an open-ended wrench and place it on the bolts that you tightened over the bolt. Screw the bolt in using the wrench. Once the bolt is tight, remove the two nuts from the machine side.