How to Install Hardware for Bi Fold Closet Doors

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What You'll Need
Nuts and screws
Duct tape or pencil
Pivot plates
Floor bracket
Drill (if doors not pre-drilled)

Installing hardware for your closet's bi fold door can sometimes be tricky. It helps to take a step by step approach.

Step 1 - Add Hinges and Track

Before starting, make sure your doors are ready in every non-hardware related aspect. They should be painted and finished. Mark or label each door so you can tell which is which as well as the front sides from the back sides. On the hinged side of each door, make three marks: 11 inches from the bottom, 7 inches from the top and in between equidistant from both marks. Attach a hinge to each mark, drilling holes with a bit to create room for screws.

Next, attach pivot plates to the top and bottom of each door, and locking arms to the top of each door. The exact position of these vary from door to door, so check the diagram or instructions that come with your specific door. Be extra careful not to put any piece backward. Finally, you have to install the track to the door frame. These should be cut to fit the frame. Keep the track loose to make adjustments easier.

Step 2 - Add Floor Bracket and Aligner

Set up the position of the floor bracket per instructions given by the product. Outline the bracket with tape or pencil and set it aside. Next, hang the doors by hooking the pins to the pivot sockets. When both doors are installed, it's time to put in the floor bracket. Have an assistant hold the doors or keep the doors in place with heavy objects while you screw in the floor bracket. Finally, install a door aligner to keep the doors straight with one another. This should be 6 inches up from the floor. The track may need to be toggled to even out the door cracks between each side.

Step 3 - Add Knobs or Pulls

The last pieces of hardware are the door knobs or door pulls. Your door may or may not come with holes pre-drilled or pre-marked. If it didn't, then mark the center of the inner panel of each door. Mark the hole and drill accordingly. The hole should be just big enough to allow the knob or pull to slip in. If needed, paint the edges to match the rest of the door. Screw in the doorknob or door pull screw to hold them in place.