How to Install Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets into Concrete Walls

What You'll Need
Plastic Anchors
Spirit Level

If you need to install a large, heavy shelf onto a wall, then you will need to put in some heavy duty shelf brackets in order to hold them up. This is not a problem on most walls, but where you have a concrete or concrete block wall, you may find that the heavy duty shelf brackets are a little unstable, or you may have tried to install these brackets before without success. One answer to this solution lays in putting plastic anchors into the wall before screwing the brackets into place, and if you have even the most basic of home improvement skills, doing this is not very difficult. Follow some quick and simple tips on installing your heavy duty shelf brackets quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you start drilling holes in your concrete wall, you will need to check that the brackets will be placed in a straight line. If you a fitting shelves, there is little point in placing them at a jaunty angle, so mark out a straight line on the wall before you begin. The simplest way to do this is by using a spirit level, the bubble will be in the middle of two lines when it is on a straight line. Mark your first bracket, and then mark the others in a line using the spirit level.

Step 2 - Drill a Hole

You will now have to drill a hole in the wall. Take your drill and insert a fine drill bit into the end. You want to make a hole which will provide an access point for the anchor, but which is not so large that the anchor is loose in the wall, so only drill an inch or so into the concrete, and then repeat for the other marks you have made.

Step 3 - Install the Anchor

Push the anchor into the hole using your hammer, or a screwdriver. The anchor has to fit tightly into the hole, so don't be concerned about a little resistance, just keep pushing until the anchor is flush with the wall. This plastic anchor will prevent the screw from being dragged out of the wall, so you have to ensure that it fits tightly, and also that it is a match for your screw. Place anchors in all the holes you have drilled

Step 4 - Install the Brackets

Take your first heavy duty bracket, and place its mounting hole over the plastic anchor. Take a screw, and place it into the hole, and then tighten down with the screwdriver. Don't screw in too tightly, but rather install all of the brackets before going round and tightening them all together, this prevents the screwing from moving the bracket to the side. Once you have installed your brackets and tightened the screws, you can add your shelving. The plastic anchors should prevent the shelves from being dragged out through their own weight.