How to Install Kitchen Base Cabinets Part 2

What You'll Need
Wood shims
Base cabinets

Simple projects like putting up new kitchen base cabinets can easily give your kitchen a whole new look. Installing kitchen base cabinets is easy enough as long as you have the right set of guidelines and invest a little of your time.

In this article, we will now discuss how to install the succeeding cabinets to complete the entire set base kitchen cabinets and making sure that the cabinets are plumb and level.

Step 1 – Installing the Other Cabinets

Once you have secured the first cabinet, installing the next cabinets should be fairly easy. Move the second cabinet next to the first one and raise it using the shims. Make sure that it is level with the first cabinet.

It is important though that you remove all the fixtures from the cabinets before installing them. This will make the cabinets lighter and easier to lift. Remove the handles, doors, and any hardware attached to the cabinets.

Step 2 – Clamping the Cabinets

After the second cabinet is in position, clamp the two cabinet frames together (first and second). There is a simple test you can do to make sure that the cabinets are aligned properly. All you need to do is run your fingers along the joint. By the feel you will be able to determine if the cabinets are aligned properly or not.

In case the cabinets are not aligned, just loosen the clamps gently one at a time and then re-align the cabinets until they are properly set.

Step 3 – Screwing the Cabinets Together

After you have determined that the cabinets are leveled and aligned, you can then screw the cabinets together from the bottom and the top of the front and back frames of the cabinets. It is important that your screws are straight, otherwise the screws might protrude at an angle from the other cabinet frame.

When this is done, lift the cabinet onto the ledger. In this part, you can now again check if the cabinets are level and plumb. Always remember that you need to check the level and plumb of each cabinet you install. To do this, place the level on top of 2 cabinets to check if they are level. To check if the cabinets are plumb, place the level on the side of the cabinets. If everything is in order then you can proceed in securing the cabinets onto the wall.

Step 4 – Screwing the Second Cabinet to the Wall

You can now screw the second cabinet to the wall. Make sure that you screw the cabinet to the wall studs. Check again if they are plumb and level. This is to ensure that all the cabinets are aligned together properly and the cabinets are screwed straight.

Step 5 – Installing the Rest of the Base Cabinets

When installing the rest of the kitchen base cabinets, repeat the same process as when you installed the second cabinet. Raise the cabinet from the floor using a wood shim then level it from the other cabinet. Once it is leveled, clamp the cabinets together. Screw the frames of the cabinets at the top and bottom of the front and back frames. Check again if the cabinets are level and plumb. Then screw the cabinet into the wall.