How to Install Leaf Spring Bushings

What You'll Need
Wrench set
Socket set
Jack and jack stands
Floor jack
Mallet or hammer

Leaf springs bushings add performance and suspension durability to a vehicle. Investing in high quality products helps the vehicle maintain control through all high performance daily handling on different road surfaces and weather condition. Bushings are made from synthetic rubber such as polyurethane. The rubber compound is fixed in the eyelet of a leaf spring. A cracked, damaged or worn bushing can be replaced and new one installed using the steps described below.

Step 1 - Jack the Car

Park the car on a flat and spacious area. It should provide enough space to work around the vehicle. Chock the front wheels and jack up one side by positioning jack stands under the frame of the vehicle. Make sure the wheels are completely off the ground. Make sure the car is stable and safe before working on it.

Step 2 – Disengage Leaf Springs

Get under the vehicle and use a wrench to remove each rear shock absorber lower nut. Release it from position and let it dangle. Locate the leaf spring bracket and loosen the nuts holding it in place using socket and wrenches. Move the bracket and nuts to a safe position.

Disengage leaf springs from the axle by lowering the truck on each side. To prevent the car coming down to fast, consider positioning the jack stand before starting to lower the vehicle.

Step 3 – Remove Leaf Spring

Use a socket to loosen the upper and lower rear bushing nuts. This makes it easy to remove the outer shackle plate. Slide it out from position and place it in a safe position. Locate the lower bushing and remove it. This exposes the leaf spring, carefully remove it from its mounting surface and place it on the floor.

Use a hammer or mallet to push out the shackle bracket from the upper eye mounted on the frame. Tap on it gently until it becomes loose, this should make it come out easily.

Step 5 – Remove Bushing and Clean Surface

Use a hack saw through the left eye of the leaf spring to cut through the rubber bushing and outer shell. Make a cut until the outer shell pops out, use a rod or utility knife to pull out the old bushing.

Inspect the surface for damage, rust, tear and wear. Use sandpaper to remove rust or corrosion off the inside eye of on each leaf spring and the rear eyes on the mounting surface on the truck. Clean the brackets as well and apply an adequate amount of lubricant on the outside of the bushings, the pins and new inner shell.

Step 6 – Install Bushings

Attach bushings into the front and rear eyes of the leaf springs. Position new inner shell into the rear eyes and install the leaf spring in it mounting surface. The front pin should be inserted through the bracket leaf spring eye. Fix the pin base in the large bracket hole and make sure it is secure. Fasten all the bolts and nuts.

Reassemble all the other components, insure they are fastened in place and secure. Lower the vehicle and bounce it to settle in the suspension.