How to Install LED Pool Lights

What You'll Need
LED Bulb with socket
LED switch
LED controller

LED pool lights are very attractive, economical and durable. These lights are installed in the similar way like the normal pool lights by screwing them to the walls of the pool. The LED lights consume less energy and can last longer than the other light bulbs. The Latest models of LED pool lights use lower voltage than the older lights that make them safer and economical. The lights come in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue etc. that catch the eye of most of the people. The LED pool lights are easy to install.

Here are the Steps to follow while installing the LED lights for your pool.

Step 1: Placing the Junction Box

The Junction Box must be placed nine inches above the maximum water level of the pool and about 50 inches away from the edge of the pool.

Step 2: Electrical Bonding

The electrical connections should be grounded by making use of the ground connector called AWG that is located behind the pool to avoid shocks and surges. The light fixture and all metal items within 6 feet of the pool need to be bonded electrically.

Step 3: Installing the Underwater Light Lens

While installing the underwater light lens you need to ensure that the top edge of the lens is about 19 inches below the water surface of the pool.

Step 4 Electrical Connections

You need to pass the cord through a conductor that leads to the Junction Box and at leave a minimum cord length of four feet at the light fixture to coil around the light. This distance allows the light to be serviced after the pool is filled with water. Cut the length of the cord that leads to the Junction Box, leaving a minimum distance of six inches of the cord to do the connections. Remove six inches of the outer cord jacket to expose the three insulated wires. This process must be done very careful because the insulation on the wires should not get damaged. Connect the three wires to their respective circuit wires that are contained in the Junction Box and seal the Junction Box.

Step 5 Testing

Place the LED lights to the desired position and tighten the special bronze pilot. Test the connections and check for surges. Now your LED pool lights are ready to brighten your pool.

Tips and Hints

  • You should never operate these lights over 15 seconds, unless it is submerged completely in the water. Without submerging it totally, the light circuits get heated up and may result in a surge or even breakage of the lens. Such errors may result in injuring the pool installers, operators and cause damage to the property.
  • You can use the controller to set the colors to normal or color change.

The LED pool lights make the appearance of the pool beautiful as well as attractive.  The eye catching colors of the lights make the pool attractive at night. Almost all new hotels and resorts install the LED lights to give a glamorous look to their swimming pool. The maintenance and replacement of the LED bulbs is easy and must be done from time to time. The lights can also exhibit multiple colors and color change that provides a unique swimming environment.