How to Install Magnet Latches for Interior Window Shutters

Wood shutters.
What You'll Need
Magnetic catches
Chalk or pencil
Drill and 1/4 inch bit

Interior wooden shutters can be used to add details and style while providing security as well. They are easy to install and as they are much smaller in size compared to outside mounts. They tend to be inexpensive. To improve their security function, they can be easily fitted with magnet latches. Magnetic latches are uniquely designed for easy mounting.

Step 1 - Inspect the Shutter Window

Take a look at the type of shutter window installation in place. This makes it easy to buy the correct size magnet catches, make sure they are proportional to the wooden shutter. It is important to get the right number of magnetic catches as well. Get two pieces for each panel. However, panels less than 30 inches long can use one set of magnetic latch.

Step 2 - Determine How to Install Magnetic Latches

For framed wooden shutters, measure 3/8 inch from the vertical jamb and 3/8 inch from the end of the panel. Magnet latches are best mounted on frames as opposed to the wall or jamb. If there is no frame and the wooden shutter is mounted on a sill, measure 3/8 inch from vertical jamb on the bottom rail.

Step 3 - Install Magnetic Latch

Close the panels so as to get the installation right. Get one set of magnetic latches and position the plate on the top rail, make sure the holes are pointed towards the center of the panel. Carefully mark the position of the holes with a pencil or chalk. Depending on the type of installation, it can be on the sill or frame. Use the same procedure to mark holes on the bottom rail.

Step 4 - Mark Holes

Use a nail to make pilot holes where the marks are positioned on the sill or frame. Be gentle so as not to destroy the panel. Make deeper holes by drilling with a ¼ inch hex-head bit.

Step 5 - Fix Magnetic Latch

Install the magnet latch starting with the top rail. Make sure that the marks are towards the inside. Carefully position the magnet latch on the frame or sill depending on the type of installation and position screws on the holes. Secure the latch in place using a screwdriver.

Get another magnetic latch and position it on the bottom rail. Place screws on the holes and fasten them a little by hand before using a screwdriver. Make sure that all panels have been properly fitted with magnet latches. Check that they are all secure.

Step 6 - Finish Up

With the panel closed, test the magnet latch. It should close and open easily. Use a clean rag to wipe the area, take care of wood dust and particles. The wooden shutters can be closed and opened as desired.