How To Install Mirror Mounting Hardware

The first step to installing a wall mirror in your home is to figure out how to install the mirror mounting hardware. Composed of various screws, clips, rods and frames that hold the mirror flush to the wall, mirror mounting hardware supports many different mounting schemes.

Small Clips

The most common type of mirror mounting hardware is small clips that are secured to the wall. There are usually 4 of these small clips, two to secure the top and bottom of the mirror and two to hold the sides. This type of hardware is least visible to the eye, a nice alternative to bulky hardware that shadows the actual mirror. Coincidentally, this hardware is also the easiest to install.

These clips generally come in two types. The first has an adhesive backing which can be stuck directly onto the wall. Make sure to stick these clips at the right spot on your first try since they are difficult to remove and will not stick properly the second time. The second type of clip needs to be screwed into the wall, which involves finding wall studs and drilling into them to properly secure the clips.

Holding Rods or Frames

The other major piece of mirror mounting hardware comes in the form of rods or frames in which the mirror can rest. These differ from the minimalist look of the clips since they add bulk to the sides of your mirror, but are appropriate when you wish to display the mirror as a piece of art rather than hang it in the bedroom or bathroom for its functionality. Rods and frames are also easily secured to the wall, but unlike clips, they usually allow for a greater margin of error. However, be sure to use a level when installing the hardware or your mirror will hang crookedly.

Again, you will have to find wall studs to secure the frame. Screwing or nailing the frame directly into the drywall of the home can damage the walls as well as the mirror as the weight of the mirror overpowers the resistance of the wall.

Installing mirror mounting hardware is not complicated. By following the general guidelines above, your mirror will be secured to the wall in less than an hour.