How to Install Mirror Wall Tiles with Rosettes

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Rosette Mirror Wall Tiles
Chalk Line
Double Sided Tape
Pen and Paper
Mild Detergent

Mirror wall tiles are a great way to open up a room and bring in additional light. Mounting these wall tiles is easy and can be done in an afternoon.

Step 1: Locate Your Space

First, walk through your home and find the perfect room that you will use to display your mirror wall tiles wil rosettes. Once you have found the room, you need to decide on which wall will be best suited for the display. Take measurements of the wall (length and width) and note this on a piece of paper. Draw the wall's dimensions on the paper so you have a visual representation of the space.

Step 2: Choose the Tiles

Given the wall that you have chosen, choose your wall tiles. If you are working with a large space, you may want to choose mirror wall tiles that are larger. If you space is confined and small, you probably will want to opt for much smaller tiles. Take a trip to your local home improvement center or home decor store and pick up your mirror wall tiles with rosettes. Remember, these types of tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Choose the type that is best suited for your space.

Step 3: Layout the Design

On your wall, begin to lay out your design. The design of your wall tiles can be done in several different ways. First, you can design the layout so that the wall tiles mimic a block-like pattern or you can design the wall tiles so that they look more like a diamond shape. Fit the layout to your design preferences and to the room shape. Your layout should be noted on a piece of paper.

Step 4: Clean the Wall

Using a soft sponge and mild detergent, clean the wall of any dirt, grime and oil. You will need to let the wall dry for a couple hours before you begin to proceed with this project.

Step 5: Mark the Wall

On the wall, use a chalk line to make markings of your design. Use the level to check that you have made straight markings along the wall. Step away from the wall and visually inspect your chalk line design. Now is the time to erase and start over if you are not happy with the way it looks.

Step 6: Attach the Mirror Wall Tiles

Add five pieces of double sided sticking tape to each wall tile. One piece should be added to each corner and the last piece needs to be added to the middle of the tile. Place the tile in one of the spaces marked off along the wall. Press down firmly. Continue adding your wall tiles to your pattern until it is completed.

Step 7: Clean the Wall tile with Rosettes

Using a streak free window cleaning or glass cleaning product, polish the wall tiles so that they are free of any fingerprints and smudges.