How to Install Natural Stone Floor Tiles Part 2

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The process of installing natural stone floor tiles is not complicated but it does take some hard work. Once you have already prepared the subfloor and the job, you are ready to get started with the installation process of the natural stone floor tile. Here are the basics of how to continue you are installation of natural stone. (This is Part 2 of 2. To return to Part 1, click here.)

Mix Adhesive

Start out by mixing the tile adhesive that you are going to need for the job. You are going to need to pour the mix into a bucket for this part of the process. Read the side of the bag to see how much water they recommend putting into the mixture. Pour the appropriate amount of water in with the mix. Then you can start to mix up the adhesive. You want to get the adhesive to the consistency of peanut butter.

Spread the Adhesive

Go to the point on the floor that you decided to start laying tile. In cases, this is going to be in the center of the room. Take your notched trowel and use it to apply some of the adhesives to the floor. Make sure that you spread the adhesive out smoothly over the surface of the floor. You want to make sure that every part of the floor is covered evenly.

Lay a Tile

Now that you have some adhesive spread out on the floor, you can begin to lay tile. Take one of the tiles and place it gently down into the adhesive. Press it down firmly and evenly across the top. You want to make sure that there are no gaps underneath the tile and that adhesive is touching the back of the entire tile. If there are any gaps in adhesive, the tile could eventually crack or break when you walk on it.

Tile Spacers

Once you get one of the tiles in place, you are going to need to put tile spacers on the corners of the tile that you installed. Depending on how big you want the grout lines, you can get the appropriate tile spacers for this width. Place on on the corner and press it down into the adhesive.

Install More Tile

After you put the tile spacers on the first tile, you can install the adjacent tile. Take another tile and press it so that the corners of the tile go into a spacer on one side of the tile. Press that tile down firmly as well.

Make Cuts

Whenever you get to a wall or cabinet, you are going to need to make cuts on the tile. You should use a wet saw so that you can cleanly cut the tile without chipping or breaking it. When you get to a wall, you are going to need to measure the appropriate dimension and then mark that on the back of one of the tiles. This will allow you to make a cut in the correct size that you need. Place that tile in the gap and then keep laying tile.