How to Install No Sew Window Treatments

What You'll Need
White tab top curtains of desired length
Ribbon equal to twice the width of your curtain in 3 colors
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
Pinking shears (optional)

There are an infinite number of colors and designs of no sew window treatments that you can design and make. These can range from very cheap to expensive depending on the type of materials you buy and how elaborate your designs are. Either way, the look and design of your no sew window treatment is limited only by your imagination. You can buy all of your materials at any discount store and you do not have to have any special skills or sewing ability to make beautiful window treatments for your home. For this example we will make a no sew window treatment in plain white with three horizontal stripes running along the top and bottom of the curtains. Choose whatever colors you like for this demonstration.

Step 1 - Lay Out Your Design

Using a large flat surface like the floor or a large kitchen table stretch out your white tab top curtains flat. When making your own designs you can lay out any ideas that you want at this time and see what they will look like before you commit. In our example you will simply lay out three different colored 1 inch strips of ribbon, in whatever color you like, horizontally with 1 inch space in between each ribbon. Lay a length of three ribbons across the top of your curtains and another three lengths exactly the same across the bottom of the curtain. Make sure you are happy with your design before you continue.

Step 2 - Glue in Place

For the second step you will be attaching your design permanently into place on your curtain. If you are happy with your design you can attach your ribbon design to your white curtain using fabric glue. Once everything is glued into place the way that you like it let the whole thing dry completely before moving on.

Step 3 - Cut Out Hanging Slits

Using your fabric scissors, carefully cut off the fabric tabs at the top of your white curtains. Now cut out 8 evenly spaced horizontal slits at the top of each curtain wide enough to allow your curtain hanging rod to go through.

Step 4 - Cut the Ties

For a more attractive and fancy look you can use your fabric cutting scissors to cut a V shape out of the ends of each of the unused curtain ties that will be hanging down from the top of your curtain. Also you could use pinking shears to had more flare to any design cuts you make.

Step 5 - Hang Your New No Sew Window Treatments

To hang your new no sew window treatments simply fold your curtains in an accordion fashion making each fold in between the hanging slits you cut earlier. Push your curtain hanging rod through the lined up hanging slits and then hang the rod on your window. Spread the curtain out to the desired look you want and you have your own, personally designed no sew window treatments.