How to Install Outside Mount Blinds

What You'll Need
Outside blinds
Drill bits
Tape measure
Pencil or marker

If you want to install outside mount blinds for your windows, the first step is to make sure if it’s suitable for your particular windows. If your windows are of irregular shapes this is an ideal option, as the blinds can be adjusted accordingly. Outside mount blinds are also useful for controlling the amount of light entering your room. Apart from the above benefits, they provide privacy and beauty to the room.  Here are few things you need to know if you are planning to install outside mount blinds for your windows without any professional help.

Safety Precautions

The hardware materials can be quite dangerous. Make sure to check the size of the blind since it is an outside mount. Verify if all the parts necessary for the installation are there before disposing the package. It is advisable to wear safety glasses while installing the blinds.

Step 1: Mark the Locations

The position of every end of the top railing is to be marked with the help of a pencil. The position must be in such a way that the altitude of the blind must be even to the window, and at the same time centered.

Step 2: Place the Brackets

Screws and closed brackets will be used to support the blind in place. The brackets and screws placed are to be distanced equally. The evenly spaced brackets are to be marked and distance needs to be approximately 1/4 inch from the top railing of the window.

Step 3: Drill

Using the drill bits, drill the marked positions of the bracket. With the help of the screws you can make each bracket stand in place.

Step 4: Place Clips

Clip one or more spaced out clips on top of the railing. See to it that if more than one clip is used, they must be spaced evenly.

Step 5: Railing

Now drop the top railing of the blind into the brackets.

Step 6: Close Brackets

Close the doors of the bracket and lock them up securely.

Step 7: Drag the Blinds

Now let go the cord lock and the drag the middle regions of the blind.

Step 8: Close Top Rim

Close the drapery by putting in the top rim initially and shut it firmly. If necessary, use glue or paste to affix the ends of the drapery.

Step 9: For Hold Down Brackets

If you want to install hold down brackets, after mounting the blind drag it down to as far as it will go and spot both ends of the blind diagonally from the bottom railing evenly. Now the blind can be let free. Place the pins in the brackets.


The blinds are also like fine timber furniture and need utmost care. Use a silky clean cloth to wipe the dust off it. Blinds can be sensitive to chemicals and cleaners, so prevent using harsh ones.