How to Install Pebble Flooring Outside

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  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1,000-4,000
What You'll Need
Black plastic edging (for landscaping)
Quick set concrete mix
Mixing trough
2 by 4 by 8 lumber
Epoxy (UV resistant)

Pebble flooring is a very unique type of flooring to bring to the outside. When you want to hang out with friends or family outside, pebble flooring makes for an inviting atmosphere in your home. Pebble flooring installed on the outside is especially inviting if there is a pool, spa or an outdoor fountain. One thing about installing pebble flooring outside, is that you can expand them out as far as you want.

They can even be used to connect a patio or sunroom. A lot of people who do not wish to upkeep a large grass lawn will install pebble flooring. This especially pertains to back yards. A lot of homeowners will make this a do-it-yourself project. The tools and steps needed to install pebble flooring outside are listed below.

Shape out a Design

It is best to already know what shape or design you will want your outside flooring layout to be before digging out the flooring depth. Use the black edging to form an outline of the shape. Make sure the depth dug out is leveled even.

Mixing the Concrete

Mix up enough concrete to fill the outline of the flooring base within 2 inches of the top of the black edging.

Mix the Concrete and the Pebbles

Mix the pebbles and the concrete together. If a cement mixer is available, it is better to use that. The mixer will ensure that the concrete to gravel ratio is consistent. If a mixer is not available, a mixing trough will work.

Pouring in the Mixture

Slowly pour the mixture inside of the base you formed. Smooth it out as it is poured so that it will level even. Pour the mixture until the depth reached is approximately 2 inches. Add more pebbles while the concrete is still wet. This helps fill the top two inches of the edging.

Leveling the Mixture

Use the 2 by 4 by 8 lumber to smooth the extra concrete away. This will push the pebbles down into the concrete. More pebbles can be added if they sink down too far. This mixture will need a few hours to cure. The instructions should give you the curing time needed.

Adding the Epoxy

Pour the epoxy on the very top of the flooring you just created. The epoxy needs to stay in the border of the edging. Let it fill in all the spaces of the pebbles. Wait 24 hours and add another layer of epoxy to the flooring. This will confirm that all pebbles are sealed.

Curing the Seal

The seal needs to cure before the flooring is used. Usually, the label will let you know how long the epoxy will need to cure.