How to Install Pin-Style Supports for Adjustable Shelves

What You'll Need
Adjustable Shelves
Pin style supports
Tape Measure
Spirit level

If you want to put up some adjustable shelves, but want freedom from the formidable brackets, then you might want to consider shelf pin-style supports. Many people use these supports inside cabinets for fixed shelves, but do not think to use them when it comes to making adjustable shelving. However, these pins can be extremely useful, and you should be able to find some suitable shelf pins to support your adjustable shelves in your local home improvements store. Adding pin-style shelf supports to a cabinet, or even to a construction in the room itself, can allow you greater freedom, and you won't have to struggle to build the bracket installations.

Step 1 - Mark out the Supports

Before you can start making holes in your wood, you will need to mark out the spaces where the holes will go. As the pin-style supports are intended to hold up adjustable shelving, they will need to be exactly level. Start by measuring up from one point on your wall or cabinet, and then mark off the spot at the required height. You should then go to where the next pin will be, and measure up to the same height from this point. Check that these heights are level by placing a spirit level so that it is touching both marks. This should give you a perfectly level shelf. You can then proceed to marking off where you want each of the pin supports to be placed. Remember that you also need to check that the pins are straight from one side of the shelf to the other.

Step 2 - Drill the Holes

Once you have made these marks, and checked that they are all level, you can start making the holes. Take your drill, and make a small hole, using the first mark you made as a guide. You could also use a jigsaw to make these holes in a cabinet. Make the second hole where the second mark is, and check that the holes are level using the spirit level. Repeat this for all of the marks on the wall, making sure that each of them will result in a flat shelf.

Step 3 - Install the Pins

Make sure that the holes you have drilled are free of sand and dirt, and then insert the first pin into the wall. Most of these pins have two sections. The first section is screwed into the wall, and the second part is then screwed into this. The latter has a flat surface which is used to support the adjustable shelves. You will need to make sure that this flat side is face-up at the end, so that you can support the shelf on this surface. Screw in the first portions one after the other, and then add the second parts to each hole. When you have done this, you can then add your adjustable shelves to the wall.