How to Install Plastic Deck Tiles

Plastic deck tiles are ideal for resurfacing floors. There are many brands of deck tiles in the market today, giving one the power to choose from a wide collection. They come in different designs and colors to add that perfect beauty to one’s house. Plastic deck tiles can be installed on all type of surfaces. There are perforated designs that help reduce slips and falls. Here is a guide to help you install plastic deck tile.


A measuring tape is required to know the exact surface area of the deck. Floor patch is used to make the floor smooth before actual installation work is done. Depending on the thickness of the plastic deck tile, a jigsaw or a sharp knife will come handy at the sides. Modern plastic tile technology incorporates interlocking floor system and as such, one does not need adhesives.

Step 1 - Measure the Space

With the measuring tape, determine the dimension of the space. This will enable you to know the number of tiles that can occupy the given space. A rectangular or square space makes the calculation easy, although one may meet irregular geometry. The way out is to divide and envision several small rectangles or squares inscribed in the space. You should have a particular dimension of plastic deck tile in mind.

Step 2 - Prepare the Floor

Prepare the floor for the installation of the plastic deck tiles. Remove all debris. Where possible, mop the floor and allow it to dry. Cleaning the floor is just a precautionary measure. Next, Make sure the floor is smooth and even. Use a floor patch on areas where the floor surface is very rough.

Step 2 - Installation

Lay the tiles, starting from one end to the other. Usually, each unit of the tiles comes with male pegs and female loops that allow other units to mate with them. Align each unit so that the pegs and loops can mate easily. Next, apply pressure on the tiles, preferably by stepping on them. The tiles should snap into place. Repeat this process until the installation is complete.

Step3 - Work at the Edge

Many times, we may need to curve out a shape from a unit to fit a small gap between the fully installed plastic deck tiles and the wall. This is where we need a sharp knife or jigsaw. Extra care is required. First, take the exact dimension of the space and create the exact shape on a unit tile. Snap it into position.

Installing a plastic deck tile is very easy. All that you need is time, the right tools, and above all the simple installation tips discussed here. Search for useful features like smooth edging, anti-fatigue surface, and products that are resistant to chemicals. For the children, you may want to consider shock absorbent plastic tiles.