How to Install Quarter Round Molding on Corners

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  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 60-120
What You'll Need
Corner round molding
Miter box and saw
Tape measure
Finishing nails
Nail punch
Framing square
Old rags

If you would like to install quarter round molding in a room, getting the corners just right sometimes takes a little practice. However, installing the molding in corners is not that difficult, and with this step by step guide you'll have the molding in place in no time at all. Here's what you need to do.

How to Install Corner Round Molding on an Outside Corner

Step 1 - Measure the Wall

Measure the distance of the wall between the door and a corner (or between the last piece of molding installed and the corner). Transfer this measurement to the piece of quarter round molding to be installed.

Step 2 - Cut the Corner Round Molding

After you've marked the point where the molding needs to be cut, use a regular saw to create the cuts at the end opposite of the quarter.

Step 3 - Mark Corner Position on Molding

marking quarter round molding resting on a saw

Place the piece of quarter round molding and make sure it sits flush with the corner. Then, use the framing square to mark off a 45 degree angle from the outside surface of the corner molding to the inside.

Step 4 - Create Miter Cut on Molding

Use the miter saw and box to create a 45 degree angle cut from the outside to the inside of the corner molding (inside edge is longer than outside edge).

Step 5 - Attach Molding to Wall

Place the molding against the wall and use finishing nails to secure it. Use nails about every 12 to 16 inches to attach the molding. (Tip: if the corner round molding is bowed or warped, you can use more nails to hold it flat against the wall. Wood putty and paint will hide the extra nail holes.)

Step 6 - Countersink Nails

Lightly tap the heads of the nails with a hammer and nail punch to countersink them about an eighth of an inch.

Step 7 - Fill Nail Holes

Use the wood putty to fill the nail holes. Wipe off any excess putty with a rag.

How to Install Corner Round Molding on an Inside Corner

Step 1 - Measure for Length

Measure the length from the last piece of installed corner round molding to the outside corner.

Step 2 - Saw the Molding

Use the miter saw to create an angle cut opposite to that of the last piece of molding installed.

Step 3 - Make Mark for Angle Cut

pile of molding, a hacksaw, and safety glasses

Use the framing square and pencil to create the angle mark for the outside corner. Keep in mind that cuts for outside corners are opposite to those made for inside corners.

Step 4 - Cut Angled Corner Piece

Cut the end of the molding with the miter saw and create the correct angle (outside edge longer than inside edge).

Step 5 - Nail the Molding to Wall

Attach the corner round molding to the wall with the hammer and nails. Hammer the nails in every 12 to 16 inches.

Step 6 - Use Nail Punch to Countersink Nails

Countersink the nails with the hammer and nail punch.

Step 7 - Fill Nail Holes with Putty

Fill the holes with the wood putty and wipe away any excess putty.