How to Install Replacement Windows in a Stucco Home

It is easy to install replacement windows in stucco homes if the jambs of the existing, old windows are in a proper condition. Replacement window installation does not cause any damage to the stucco finish on the walls of your home due to their design. They easily fit in with the old jambs and frames of the window set in the walls.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Replacement windows
• Sharp utility knife
• Pry bar
• Silicon caulk
• Measuring Tape
• 4-foot level
• Shims
• Screwdriver
• Screws
• Hammer
• Fiberglass Strips
• Sill filler strip
• Putty blade

Step 1: Measuring Dimensions

Use the measuring tape to take down the dimensions of the old wood windows between both ends of their frames. Measure carefully, since your replacement windows need to be of the exact same dimensions or else they will not fit into the existing frame.

Step 2: Checking Dimensions

After purchasing the new windows, measure its size along with the size of the jamb of the window to ensure that the window fits into the jamb. This step has to be carried out before removing the existing sashes of the windows.

Step 3: Removing Sashes

The cords of the old sashes in the windows have to be cut with a knife. Place a small pry bar at the bottom portion of the stop of the window and heave it up. A putty blade can be placed at the point where the pry bar is inserted so that the stop comes out easily on hammering the pry bar.

Step 4: Caulking

See where the blind stop of the window’s jamb is located. On the inside edge of this stop, apply an even layer of silicon based caulk.

Step 5: Placing Window

Now take the new replacement window and place it onto the opening of the window jamb. Press the window firmly against the window stop. Loosely set up a screw into the stop’s right upper and left lower corners so that the window sits in place.

Step 6: Window Square

Now take the measuring tape and square the replacement window. Take the length of each diagonal. Attach wood shims in the corners of the windows till both diagonals are of the exact same length. Take the screws and fix them up loosely in the pre drilled holes so as to set the replacement window square.

Step 7: Insulation

Keep a level on both sides of the window so that you are sure of it being at level. If there is any gap between the window sill and window, insert shims into those places. Now use screwdriver to tighten up the screws. Make sure that the shims inserted are cut so that they are at a uniform level with the new window. You may insert insulation strips made of fiberglass in the space between the casing of the window and the window sill. This prevents any drafts.

Step 8: Final Steps

Take some filler strip and cover the entire sill. Apply caulk as you did previously, along the inner areas of the casing of the window. The caulk can be leveled to a smooth finish using a flat putty knife. The exterior portion of the casing can also be caulked up similarly. This is an effective waterproof sealant that shall protect the replacement window on the stucco walls.