How to Install Rim Door Latches

What You'll Need
Rim door latch
Screwdriver set

Rim door latches make your door much more secure and they are also very easy to install. There is only really need to drill a single hole through the door for this lock to work properly. This makes them ideally suited to various different types of door. Anyone can install these rim door latches very easily and they just need to take their time to do the project properly.

With a bit of time you will be able to make the most out of your rim door latches and greatly improve the strength of your door. Make sure that you concentrate on improving the quality of your door and door frame before worrying about installing these rim locks. A rim lock won't offer a weak door any extra protection because the door is already compromised.

Step 1 - Preparation

Spend time now getting all of the tools and materials you need to successfully complete the job. If you find that you don't have enough of something then you should buy more before you start. Lots of time can be wasted if you don't have everything that you need, there's no point rushing out to get supplies mid way through a project.

You will need to make sure you measure a few times before drilling or cutting any holes. Any mistakes could end up being very costly because they will damage your whole door.

Step 2 - Marking the Door

Now position the lock cylinder where it will go in the door and mark the position of the hole which will be required. For these only a single hole will be needed which makes fitting very easy. Take a look at the size of the hole required according to the instructions which came with your door rim latch. This will ensure that the door rim latch will fit securely and properly.

Step 3 - Attaching the Door Rim Latch

The door rim latch cylinder needs to be mounted with the mounting ring on the outside of the door. The inside will have the body of the lock fitted. Many locks will fit together using the same screws which means that you will normally apply both halves of the lock at the same time.

If fixing screws aren't already included with your door rim latch then you will need to purchase them separately. Ensure that the screws are long enough to screw through the whole door if needed.

Step 4 - Catch

You will then need to give some thought to the position where you will need to mount the catch, the catch will need to be fitted by screwing down through the door frame into the stud. This will provide as much security as possible because the lock will be able to secure itself well.

Although these deadbolt rim door locks are very secure they won't be any good if you're using an inferior quality door. A week door frame and door for example will be no good to protect against intruders.