How to Install Rock Veneer

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What You'll Need
Mortar mix
Chicken wire
Rock veneer
Heavy duty staple gun
Stick and bucket
Wire cutters
Drop cloth

Rock veneer is something that many people wish to have installed in their home. Having rock veneer installed onto a mantle or a wall will give off the illusion of a stone wall. However, this is a much cheaper method of getting a stone wall. It is necessary that someone that wishes to install rock veneer has a little bit of carpentry experience or knowledge of it. Most of the supplies can be found easily at home and garden stores.

Step 1 - Cut Wire

The first thing that you will need to do is get the chicken wire cut so that it can fit the area where you are going to install the rock veneer. Once you have measured the area and got the chicken wire cut to the right size, you will need to attach the chicken wire onto the surface of the area using your staple gun. The installation will need to be reinforced in several spots to ensure that it is on securely. It is a good idea to use several staples per square foot. Once you have properly cut the wire, you will need to lay down a drop cloth to the area. This will prevent any mortar from getting on your floor.

Step 2 - Mix Mortar

Once you have the wire properly attached to the area, you will need to get the rock veneer unwrapped and set aside, ready for use. Get out your bucket and the stick and pour the mortar into the bucket. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that you mix it properly with the right amount of water and stirring. Make sure that you pour and mix the mortar on your drop cloth in case there are any spills.

Step 3 - Apply Mortar

Once the mortar has been properly mixed, you will need to apply a thick layer of it onto the chicken wire. Once you have it on an area, you will need to place the rock veneer on the area with the mortar. Your assistant will need to press down firmly on the rock veneer for several minutes until it starts to stick to the mortar and the chicken wire. You and your assistant will need to repeat this step until all of the rock veneer is up. It is a good idea to work in small sections to ensure that the mortar does not have time to dry before you can apply the rock veneer.

Step 4 - Dry Time

It is a good idea to allow for at least 24 hours so that the rock veneer can completely dry. Once you have given it time, you will be able to apply nails or hooks to its surface. If you are using it for a fireplace, then allow 24 hours before you attempt to build a fire.