How to Install Rollers on Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors operate on a roller system so that they move easily in and out of the shower entrance. While in previous decades these shower doors were commonly bought and used with the rollers already in place, another modern alternative is to install the rollers on different doors, to create an alternative look for a bathroom. When adding rollers to shower doors, there are a few things that you should do to make your home improvement as professional as possible.

Preparing the Shower Doors

If you are intending to convert a different pair of shower doors so that they can be used as sliding doors, then you will firstly need to make sure that the doors you have chosen fit well in the threshold of the shower, and do not allow water to penetrate the rest of the bathroom. You should also make sure that the roller base on the walls of the shower are strong enough to support the new walls. Then, take the frame of your shower doors, and clean each one so that it does not have dirt or debris on it.

Making the Slots

You will need to make small diagonal slots in the frame of your doors. Each slot should be large enough to accommodate a screw, but not much larger, otherwise the door will wobble about on its hinges. Take the screw that you intend to use and mark its width on the doors. Draw a line up to the edge of the frame on either side, keeping the same width as the original marks, and then cut a hole along the outside of the lines, leaving you with a diagonal slot.

Adding the Wheels

In your roller kit, you should have a pair of wheels (one for each end of the door), and a screw for each wheel. Place one of  the screws on the inside of the frame, and screw the wheel onto the frame, lightly at first. Position the door on the shower threshold wall, and try moving it up and down a few times. If the door is moving too easily on the axis, or it is not meeting the roller edge, then you need to move the screw up or down the slot, until you have the perfect position.

Finishing Touches

Once you have completed this, add the other wheels to the rest of the ends, and then tighten them to the correct place on the slots. The slots should then have a seal of glue or caulking across the edges, in order to keep the screw in position, and to prevent water from entering the inside of the frame. The doors should then be replaced upon the roller walls, and checked to ensure that they still meet in the middle. Fix any problems with the sliding mechanism before the doors are complete, and then polish down the frame, and wipe away any excess glue. Maintain the rollers by cleaning frequently, and applying oil to the roller edge annually.