How to Install Roll-Up Shades

What You'll Need
Roll Up Shades
Step Ladder
Tape Measure

When you want to add a very quick change to a room's decor you can easily do this with some nicely decorated roll up shades. This type of window treatment is very common in a lot of homes and can come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials. There are wooden shades, lace roll up shades, canvas, and plastic shades that are all available for use in changing the look of your room without expensive alternatives. Installation of roll up shades is very easy and only requires a few minutes of your time. 

Step 1: Install Inside Casing

Roll up shades can be installed two different ways. The first is outside of the window casing. To do that, you will need to screw the brackets one inch above the window casing and to either side. The other way is to install the brackets inside the window casing. There are no real benefits to either installation. It all comes down to whether or not you will be also using drapes for your windows. This installation will guide you through the inside the casing installation.

Step 2: Locate Bracket Position

Start at the top of the inside of your window casing and measure down 1/2 inch. Mark this location for the top portion of your shade's bracket. Repeat this on both sides. By taking this step first you are ensuring that the shade will be level.

Step 3: Pre-Drill Holes

Hold up one of the brackets with the top lined up against the mark you just made. With a pencil, mark the holes for the screws that will attach the bracket to the wall. Remove the bracket and pre-drill the holes. The drill bit should be smaller than the diameter of the screws. Repeat this with the other side.

Step 4: Install Shade Brackets

Once you have the holes pre-drilled you can then go about installing the brackets to the inside of the window casing. Line up the first shade bracket with the holes you just pre-drilled. Grab one screw and twist it into the hole. Using a screwdriver drive the screw the rest of the way into the wall and bracket. You want to use a screwdriver for this step as the screws can be easily stripped with a drill. Repeat this process until all of the screws are in the bracket. When you have this one completed, you can then install the second bracket.

Step 5: Middle Support

Some roll up shades are going to have a middle support bracket. This is for use with the larger shades so that it does not start to droop in the middle or place too much pressure on the side brackets. You will install this in the middle of your window casing in the same manner as the two side brackets. Mark, pre-drill, install. 

Step 6: Snap Roll up Shade in Place

With the brackets in position you will then lift up the roll up shade and slide the ends into the brackets. They will either snap into place or be held with a small cover that snaps into position.