How to Install Roll-up Storm Shutters

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  • 8-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-2,500
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Roll-up storm shutter system

When you live in an area frequented by hurricanes, roll-up storm shutters can be a wise investment. Aside from making your house storm-ready, these roll-up shutters can also buffer sound, give you privacy when you need it, as well as serve as a theft deterrent. You just have to install them once and they will stay affixed on your wall for a long time.

To address the power outages during hurricanes, a manually cranked storm shutter is a good option. Recruiting a friend to assist you in this project can go a long way in its proper alignment and installation. Below are the procedures for affixing an outside-mounted storm shutter.

    Step 1 - Measure the Opening

    Before ordering your roll-up storm shutter system, measure the width and height of your window or any opening you wish to cover. Give the specifications to your supplier along with your choice of color, if available.

    Step 2 - Prepare the Hood

    Take out the hood from its packaging and lift out its front cover to expose the roll tube inside. Check out the back part if there are pre-drilled holes. If there are none, measure about three to four inches from one of its sides and mark with a pencil. From that first mark, measure another 12 inches and mark again. Continue marking every 12 inches thereafter until you reach its other side. Drill a hole on each mark.

    Step 3 - Attach the Assembly on the Wall

    Lay down the hood and attach the side rails on both of its sides. Carry the assembly and plumb it up to the wall around the window. Make sure the side rails are squared well and the hood leveled; otherwise, the roll-up feature will be compromised. Drill on your wall through the pre-drilled hole on one of the side rails and drive in a screw. Check the alignment before drilling on the other side rail and driving in its screw. Repeat this process on the other holes on the side rails and the hood. Attach the bottom angle in the same way as above to serve as the bottom edge of the side rails and stopper of the slats.

    Step 4 - Put on the Slats

    Position the roll of slats over the roll tube and insert it down into the side rails until it reaches the bottom angle and its hangers are exposed on top. Depending on the mechanism placed by the supplier, attach these hangers on the roll tube by either drilling screws into them or inserting them into designated slots. Position back the front cover of the hood and screw it into place.

    Step 5 - Attach the Shaft

    Insert the universal shaft into the front cover of the hood and affix it with its screws. Attach the hand crank on the universal shaft and test the shutters by opening and closing them. Finish by pushing on the screw plugs over the screws.

    With your roll-up storm shutters in place, you can now rest easy that your house is safer from strong winds.