How to Install Round Soffit Vents

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  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25
What You'll Need
Electric drill
Hole saw
Tape measure
Soffit vents
Glasses for eye protection

Installing round soffit vents is a good skill to have. Ventilation is very important to all buildings because it can save them from the unwanted build-up of ice during the winter months or excessive heat during the summer months. Soffit vents are used in conjunction with roof, ridge, or gable vents—or even attic fans. The soffit vents provide intake and the others provide exhaust.

Round soffit vents are easy to install, much easier than rectangular vents or soffit strips, although they do not let in the same amount of air. You can buy soffit vents at all home stores or supply stores. You can also find them in different colors—brown and white are the most commonly used. You can always paint them the color you prefer, but make sure that you don’t paint over their openings.

Here is how to install round soffit vents in a few easy steps.

Step 1—Mark the Soffit Vents

The first thing you need to do is find your joists. That done, mark the points halfway between them. These will be the locations of your soffit vents. Mark them with a pencil.

Step 2—Drill for the Vents

Take your drill and find the proper bits for the particular vents. The hole saw should be smaller than the flanges of the vent, but still big enough to install the vent. Drill the holes on the marks you made earlier.

Step 3—Install the Vents

Now that you have the holes, push the round vents into them. You can use silicone, if you want, to make sure the flanges are holding properly. You can also use silicone to fill any gaps. Now, screw the vents into the soffit.

Extra Tip

Use a ladder and make sure it is placed on level ground to avoid accidents. Following these directions should make an easy job of installing your new round soffit vents.