How to Install Shed Roof Trusses

What You'll Need
Woodthe amount depending on the size of the roof
Wood glue
Hammer and nails
Screwdriver and screws

Building and installing shed roof trusses is the same as installing roof trusses for any other kind of building with a sloping roof. However, shed roof trusses are much simpler because they are on a much smaller scale. Roof trusses comprise two rafters, holding up the structure of the roof. When these are finished, they need to be lifted in place onto the top of the shed before the rest of the roof is installed. The number of trusses you need depends on the length of the shed. You will need a minimum of two, but for longer sheds you may need several. The more you have, the stronger the roof will be. Constructing the trusses is not a particularly difficult task for anyone who is familiar with DIY and has a basic set of tools and materials at their disposal.

Step 1-Making Preparations

To continue, you will need to get the measurements. This will give you the amount of the materials needed to create the rafters. The rafters on one side will be longer if the roof of the shed is not going to be an exact prism shape. However, the process is somewhat more straightforward if you are building a standard roof where both sides are the same dimensions. Next, you need to decide on the number of trusses you need for the roof. Double this number to get the number of rafters to be used.

Step 2-Cutting the Wood

When you are ready to cut the wood, cut each rafter first. These need to be cut along the required length. A plum cut should be added to the top ends. This is a 45 degree cut. The bottom cord should then be cut out. This is the part which will connect to the rafters at the bottom. They are also cut from the same 2x4 parts of wood with plumb cuts in both ends.

Step 3-Building the Gussets

The gussets are thin pieces of plywood that will cover the joints of each truss. You will need six for each side of the truss. These need to be cut into triangular shapes. They will need to cover the joints between each length of wood. Gussets can also be made of metal for extra strength.

Step 4-Assembling the Pieces

When you have cut everything to fit, you can then assemble the truss. It is best to do this on the floor. When you are ready to install them, they should be lifted up to the roof and fixed firmly in place. You will need at least one other person to help with this. To put all the pieces together, the process should be fairly self-explanatory, as everything should fit easily together if it were cut correctly, including the plumb cuts. To secure everything together, the gussets should be screwed in place. To connect the plumb cuts, use wood glue as well.