Shower Curtain Hooks, Rings, and Rollers Explained

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Shower curtain hooks come in many different styles, colors, and shapes. They are made of plastic, brass, copper, or glass. They are usually chosen to match or complement the shower curtain and the decor of the bathroom. Follow these steps to install shower curtain hooks.


A popular style has a hook that goes over the shower curtain. The other end goes through a hole in the shower curtain. There is a piece that screws onto the end to hold the hook in place. These are the easiest to install. During use, the hooks can come loose.


Ring-style curtain hooks stay on the curtain rod better. They are round; the 2 ends snap together through the hole in the curtain. They are a little harder to install. You have to get the ring around the rod, then snap the ends into each hole.


Some styles go all the way around and have little rollers to make the hook move smoothly over the rod. They usually have a little hinged section that closes after the hook goes through the curtain hole.

Matching sets of shower curtains and hooks or rings are available in many stores.