How to Install Silverware Dividers in an Antique Wood Buffet Table

What You'll Need
Foam blocks
Staple gun
Heavy duty staples
Measuring tape
Material of choice

If you are considering adding a silverware drawer to your antique buffet table, you can do it on your own with no problem. Here are a few steps to turn the buffet table into both visually appealing and practical.

Step 1 – Check Inventory

Begin by checking to see how much silverware you actually have. This way you can make an estimate while you are measuring to decide how big to make the slots.

Step 2 – Measure

Use a measuring tape to measure the inside of the drawer. It helps to take the drawer out to work on it. Mark the sections for the sizes that work for the amount of silverware that you have to go in there. Make sure when doing the measurements; you add the height of the foam to the size.

Step 3 – Install

Now, where you measured for the middle of the sections, glue a piece of foam there to work as a divider. Now you can lay the material over the entire drawer. Pull it tightly to secure it and then use the staple gun to secure the material onto the drawer and also to make each one of the dividers distinguished.