How to Install Slate Tile Siding Part 2

What You'll Need
Furring strips
Slate Tiles
Copper Flashing
Hammer or mallet

In the first part of this guide to installing slate tile siding on your roof, you learned how to remove the tiles that were in the way and place a strip of plastic siding along the edge of the roof. Now you need to add a layer of furring to the top of that plastic siding. This will hold your slate tile pieces in place and ensure that there is a soft layer between these tiles and the slate tiles on the roof themselves. Once you have fitted the furring, you will be able to replace the slate tiles which you had previously removed.

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Step 1 - Lay Your Furring Strips

Locate the 2 furring strips that you have brought onto the roof, and lay them flat on top of the plastic siding that you previously fitted. Make sure to place these parallel to each other, so that they form a little peak at the top edge, and then flatten out on either side to completely cover the plastic siding. Nail the furring strips into place using small roofing nails. You do not need to use any special nails on these strips, so save your pennies for when you buy nails to fit the slate tile siding with.

Step 2 - Install Copper Flashing

Next, fit copper flashing over the surface of your furring strips, so that they lay flat against the top edge of the strips. Nail this flashing into place along the edge with copper nails, and then fold the flashing down over the edge of the roof. Nail this in place too, pulling taut to ensure that there are no wrinkles in the flashing as it moves down the roof.

Step 3 - Cut Your Slate Tiles

You can now fit the slate tiles back around the edge of your roof. Take the first tile along the bottom, and cut it to fit flush against the flashing. Make sure that there is no overlap between the 2 materials, but also no gaps between them either. Keep the tile flat against the roof with one hand, and then nail it into position with the other. Make sure that the hammer strikes the nail evenly, so that the tile does not have the opportunity to shatter.

Proceed along the rest of the tiles, cutting them all to fit the new flashing, and making sure that they are all flush against the slate tile siding to-be.

Step 4 - Clean Down the Surface

Now that you have the roof fully prepared to take the slate tile siding, you will need to make sure that the entire area is completely clean. Only if the roof is clean will you be able to place the slate tile siding on without leaving any gaps which would result in water leaking into the ceiling below.

(This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. To move ahead to Part 3, click here.)