How to Install Sliding Bathtub Doors Part 3

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What You'll Need
Flat razor
Rubbing alcohol
Liquid level

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on installing sliding bathtub doors, you prepared the space, selected the right materials, added upper and lower tracks, and installed the first door. Follow these simple steps to install the second door, adjust the rollers, and apply caulk to complete the project.

Step 1 - Install the Second Door

Depending on the style of your sliding bathtub doors, installing the second door may involve different methods. If your unit has moving wheels that drop below the height of the tracks and slip into the slots with room to spare, simply adjust the bottom wheels downward. Doing so will narrow the gap between the tracks. If your door is not built that way, then remove the top track, install the door, and reattach the top track.

Step 2 - Check Track Drain Holes

People forget is that the actual tracks for your sliding bathtub doors have small slits facing inward on the side. They are designed for water drainage to prevent rust and mold from accumulating.

Step 3 - Adjust the Wheels for Balanced Doors

Do not use oil or lubrication on your sliding bathtub doors; doing so causes streaks and a nasty mess. If adjusted properly, the track doors will slide open and close with little effort. They can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Simply clamp your liquid level to the door handle and level the door level by adjusting the wheels. Once the door is properly leveled, adjust the top wheels.

Step 4 - Padding

Attached the pads to the left and right sides of the rails to prevent the doors from slamming into the tracks and shattering your door.

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