How To Install Sliding Glass Medicine Cabinet Doors

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-50
What You'll Need
Sliding glass doors and hardware
Tape measure

If you want sliding glass doors on your glass medicine cabinet, installing them is not a difficult procedure. You can buy a cabinet that already has sliding glass doors, but you can also add them to almost any other unit. If you want to put sliding glass doors on an existing glass medicine cabinet, the trickiest task will be finding doors that fit. Once you’ve managed that, the rest is fairly simple.

Finding Doors

Although you won’t find new sliding glass doors and a glass medicine cabinet, you might have luck at a salvage yard. Make sure you have the measurements of the medicine cabinet. You’ll need something that fits exactly; when it comes to a sliding glass door, close isn’t good enough. In addition to the 2 doors for the cabinet, you’ll also need the wheel tracks.

Removing Old Doors

The old door on the glass medicine cabinet will almost certainly be of the hinged kind. Unscrew the hinges and carefully pull the doors away from the cabinet. Set them aside. Empty out the medicine cabinet and remove any hardware until you have a shell that just contains the shelves in the cabinet.


You’ll need to measure carefully to be certain that the tracks fit correctly. If they’re not even, the doors won’t slide properly. You also have to be sure that there’s clearance between the shelves and the rear door so it can move freely.

Use the tape measure and check the distance between the front of the shelf and the front of the glass medicine cabinet. Do so on each of the side walls. Draw a line down inside the cabinet, then extend it along the top and bottom of the interior of the cabinet. Lay the track on the bottom of the medicine cabinet to check it fits the area between the shelf and the front of the cabinet.


Screw the bottom track into place. Use screws that are short enough to not go through the wood of the cabinet. Measure the clearance of the bottom track between the line you’ve made and the edge of the cabinet. Screw the top track into place.

Select a sliding glass door to be the rear door. Remove the shelves from the cabinet. There will be 2 wheels attached to the top and bottom of the door. Hook the wheels at the top into the track. Once it’s secure, ease the bottom of the door down and back, then slide it under the bottom track. Move the door from side to side to check that it’s well seated and moves easily.

Repeat the procedure with the front door. Slide the shelves into place in the glass medicine cabinet and replace all of the items in the cabinet.