How to Install Soffit to a Gable Roof

What You'll Need
Circular sawr.
Drill or electric screwdriver
Leather work gloves
Safety glasses
Measuring tape
Carpenters square
Carpenters pencil

Installing a soffit on a gable roof sounds difficult, but with the proper tools and a little time, you can do it quite easily in a weekend. A soffit is construct that covers the underside of the eave overhang on your roof. Installing a soft will hide the framing joists and any wiring or piping running in the eaves. Below is a list of tools that will be required for installing a wooden soffit along with the steps necessary for installation, using a wooden soffit construction. Other available materials are stucco, metal/aluminum (like siding) , vinyl and drywall.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the total perimeter of your roofline at the eaves from corner to corner. Write this number down. Then measure again, but write down the length of each side from corner to corner. Measure the depth of the soffit from outer edge of the eave to the outer wall.

Step 2: Cut the Material

Once you have taken the measurements, it’s time to start making your cuts. Since your house is probably not uniform all the way around, number each side on your drawing. Then, as you cut each piece, write on the side that won’t be visible what side it goes on and where on that side it goes. Be sure to remember to cut the corners at 45-degree angles for a more finished look.

For long building sides, it’s much easier to cut the material in shorter lengths. Lengths of 4 feet will be much easier to handle when on a ladder by yourself than 8- or 10-foot sections.

Step 3: Prefit

As a means of checking your measurements, check each piece you’ve just cut against each other to make sure they’re uniform and trim as needed for uniformity. Non-uniformity will give your project a haphazard look.

Step 4: Perform Final Assembly

Once you’ve made sure that your pieces all match and will fit properly, it’s time to perform the final installation. Start at one corner of your house and work your way around, using the drill or electric screwdriver to drive one wood screw twice as long as the material is thick through the soffit material and into the gable at each corner of the piece and one in the middle. Each piece of 4-foot length should have a minimum of 6 screws in it. Keep working through this way until you have gone all the way around the house.

Installing a soffit in a gable roof is more time consuming than difficult. Having a friend help you hold the pieces while you install will speed things up, but this is a project that can be completed by one person with the proper tools.