How to Install Solar Lamp Post Lights

Solar lamp post lights keep your driveway or walkways illuminated using solar power. Installing these lights on your walkway, driveway, deck, dock, or other area where lighting is desired does not require any wiring and is a simple task.

Step 1-Decide Where You Want the Lamps

Outdoor lighting is great, but it shouldn't be placed in all outdoor areas. Typically, solar lamp post lights are great along a walkway, or a deck where the lighting won't shine into the home or interfere with drivers. You should also consider putting the lights in an area that receives a great deal of sunlight. The lamp's solar cells absorb the sun's light and use it to power the lights at night. Look around your home and find the best sunny area; then place the lamps 3 to 4 feet apart for the best lighting coverage.

Step 2-Dig Holes for Posts

Depending on the type of solar lamp post light you have purchased, you might need to do a little bit of digging. Some lamp posts have a pointed end at the end of the pole that you can simply insert into the ground a few feet for stability. If not, then you will need to place a small post about 2 feet into the ground. You can use a 3 foot tall 4x4 wood plank for the small post. The post gives the lamp a platform and some added height in order to light a larger area.

Step 3-Put Lights on Posts

If your lights are the kind that you can simply stick in the ground, then go ahead and place your lights as desired if you haven't already done so. There is no wiring to hook up so, this step is essentially complete. However, if your lights need to be placed on the posts who created, then drill a small hole into the center of the post and place the lamp into it. Make sure the lamp fits snug to ensure it won't flop over or fall out.