How to Install Solar Window Shades on Recessed Windows

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Solar window shades
Screw driver

Installing solar window shades on your recessed window is a great way to protect the inside of your home from harmful ultraviolet rays and also keep the temperature of a room low. Solar window shade block almost 90% of the sun’s UV rays and unlike regular blinds, curtains or shades that block the outside view when closed, solar window shades will still allow you to see outside while protecting you from the radiant heat and sunlight. The good thing about solar window shades is that even if you could see the outside, people will not be able to see inside your home. This is a good way to keep the privacy of your home while still enjoying the view outside.

Step 1 - Measure the Window Recess

Since you will be fitting solar window blinds inside a window recess, you have to get accurate measurements. First get the depth and then the length from top to bottom and then the width from side to side. Never add or subtract for allowance since those making these solar shades will automatically put in the allowance and you wouldn’t want your shades to be smaller that your recessed window.

Give the length first and then the width and lastly the depth. This is important to know so that you are sure that the solar blinds you will purchase will fit inside the window recess.

Step 2 - Purchase Solar Window Shades

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of solar window shades in the market. If your recessed window is a standard size then it would be easy for you to go to the store and take home one and if not, you would have to wait a few days to get your custom made one.

Step 3 - Install Solar Window Shades

Since the solar window shades will be installed within the window recess, the shades will be mounted on the top part of the window recess or depending on the mounting style it could also be on the 2 top sides. Hold up the shades on the top of the window and mark the areas where you will drill for the mounting clips or screws.

Step 4 - Install Mounting Screws

Drill the holes for the mounting clips and then install. Screw in additional support if necessary. Make sure they are mounted well since solar shades tend to be heavy and you do not want it falling when you open or close it.

Step 5 - Mount Solar Window Shades on the Mounting Clips

Lock them in place. If you have properly brought good measurements to the shop where you purchased the solar shades, they will fit perfectly on your recessed window.