How to Install Steel Edging for Your Driveway

What You'll Need
Steel edging
Garden hose
Tape measure
Powdered chalk

Installing steel edging for your driveway is a great way to make your home stand out. It gives off a fresh, classic and put together feel, and can make your home stand out amongst the others on the block. It also is a great way to keep some of the weeds and grass from your yard from growing onto the driveway. If you are considering installing steel edging for your driveway, you can do it simply on your own without the help of a professional. Below are a few materials that you may need, as well as step by step instructions to guide you.

Step 1 - Mark the Edge

There are 2 ways that you can go about determining the edge length of your driveway. You can use a tape measure to go along the sides and get the measurement. For those who aren't interested in doing as much work, you can take your premeasured garden hose and line it along the edge of the driveway. Either way, you want to make a plan on where the edging will go as well as get a measurement so that you can decide how much edging to buy. Once you have the outline that you want, you can use powered chalk to mark it if it isn't all defined.

Step 2 - Dig

You will need to dig a small trench so that the steel edging can be installed along your driveway. The key to getting the best looking edge is to keep the trench as small as possible but still be able to fit the edging in tightly. It helps to get a little smaller and then push the edging in as you work. Use a spade to dig along the edges of the driveway in the grass on each side.

Step 3 - Install Edging

Begin on one end and place the steel edging into the trench that you just dug. You will want the front to be facing the driveway. As you go along, follow any curves that you may have and bend the metal accordingly so that you can keep the unique shape. Use a hammer to pound the metal edging into place so that it stays and is secure. You may need to use a hacksaw to cut off any excess edging that you have at the end of the project. Cut along the edge and then break it off by bending it back and forth in a folding motion. Buff the edges so that they do not injure anyone.

Step 4 - Fill In

Finally, use the dirt that you dug out of the trench to fill in around the steel edging you installed. Once you have packed the dirt in around the entire edge of the driveway, use the hose to wet it down. This will the soil pack down around the edging and keep everything secure.