How to Install Steel Gutters Part 2

Now that you have marked your slope and installed the mounting brackets, the next stage of installation for your steel gutters is to cut the gutters to fit and install the first gutter piece.

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Step 3 - Cut Gutters to Fit

Cut your gutter pieces to fit. Typically, gutter sections come in 10 foot pieces that will require some alterations to fit your house properly. First you will need to measure the gutter run from the high point nail to low point nail. This is the length measurement needed for the run of gutter. If your gutter piece is too long, you will need to make a cut in the piece to shorten it to size. Measure your gutter piece and create a chalk mark at the location where your cut should be. Next, use your hacksaw to cut the gutter at the chalk mark so it is the correct length for your run. If your gutter run continues around a corner or ends at a corner, you will need to cut the corner end of the gutter piece at a 45 degree angle to create one side of the corner.

If your gutter run is longer than one of your gutter pieces, you will need to connect two pieces together. When connecting two sections of gutter, you should always overlap the sections by no less than 4 inches. Apply sealant between the two gutter pieces and attach the sections together using steel screws. Place the screws on the sides of the gutter pieces, never on the bottom of the gutter.

Step 4 - Cut Downspout Notches

Pre-cut the notches in your gutter pieces where the downspouts will be located. You should have a downspout at the location where the gutter meets the low point nail. First, trace an outline of the end of your downspout with chalk onto the outside (bottom) of your gutter. Using your metal sheers, cut along the chalk outline creating a hole in the gutter where you will later install the downspout

Step 5 - Install the First Gutter Piece

You are ready to install the first gutter piece now that you have marked the slope and mounted your brackets and cut your gutter to size. Every gutter and bracket manufacturer will have slightly different mounting brackets so the installation process may differ slightly depending on the type of brackets you have. For most bracket types, the first step in installing the gutter piece is to place the gutter section into the mounting brackets that you have already installed. Having a second person to hold the gutter section in place while you attach it to the brackets will make this part of the installation more manageable.

Rotate the gutter section so it hooks itself into the brackets. This is where the variation of brackets may differ. Some brackets will require an upward rotation of the gutter to attach it to the top of the brackets. Some brackets may require the gutter to slip over the brackets through the back side of the gutter. You can determine the proper mounting process for this step by reading the manufactures instructions included with the mounting brackets you purchased. After attaching the gutter section to the brackets, secure the gutter by screwing through the gutter piece with a 1 inch steel screw into the mounting bracket.

Now you are ready to attach your gutter run together and add your downspouts to complete your gutter system installation.