How To Install Stucco Siding

What You'll Need
Plasterer's rake
Stucco lath
Builder's paper
Concrete paint

There are several easy ways to side a home, and stucco siding is one of the most popular for several reasons. When looking at the benefits of stucco siding, it is easy to see why people continually choose this cement-like product to side their home.

  • Incredibly versatile - Can be used in a variety of places and different climates
  • Beautiful finish - Can be textured, colored and sculpted
  • Very durable - Resistant to water and decay and can last over 50 years
  • Easy to work with - Simple to apply with a trowel or sprayer

Applying stucco siding is something that is generally easy to do by anyone with basic home improvement skills.

Getting Started

Before applying any stucco, you must give the exterior surface of your home a very thorough cleaning to remove and dirt or debris. Also clean the general grounds of any garbage or obstructions.

However, the most important aspect of applying stucco siding is not with the application process at all. Make sure you have enough stucco on hand to complete the entire area without running out. After you figure out the square footing of your home, then divide it by the amount each bag will cover. This will give you the minimal amount. Add a few more bags just in case.

Wall Coverings

Stucco is a cement product that needs a mechanical process to bond to the home. Wrap the area in builder's paper and then a layer of stucco lath. A stucco lath is a mesh product to which the stucco can adhere. Chicken wire can be used, but it is very easy to work with inexpensive fiberglass stucco lath.

Mix Stucco for Use

Follow the general instructions for mixing labeled on the product bag. You will generally mix in a 5 gallon pail or large trough. Stir the stucco mix, sand and water. Mix thoroughly to a muddy mixture.

Trowel Stucco Siding

Apply some stucco to the trowel and spread onto the building in circular swipes. When using a stucco lath, apply some pressure to force the stucco into the wire mesh for a solid bond on the surface of the home.

Keep using the same motion for the entire surface. Start in one corner and work continually until the area is completed. If the stucco is allowed to set before the entire surface is covered, the uneven application will be noticeable.

Stucco is applied in many layers, so continue to side your home until it is thick and strong.

Rake Stucco Siding

After applying to the building, use a rake or other scratching tool to texture the home. The design you use is up to you.

Paint Stucco Siding

Allow 6 weeks for the stucco to cure before you paint it.