How to Install Tile Around a Pipe

What You'll Need
Rod saw
What You'll Need
Rod saw

If you are wondering how to install tile around a pipe, then the steps below will come in handy. Read on to learn how to tackle the problem of installing tile around an existing pipe fitting.


Clear out the bathroom. Remove all the fittings such as faucets, handles, and showerheads. Only the source pipes need to stay in place.

Starting With the Process

Tile the area or wall from the bottom up. Mix tile mortar and secure each tile on the wall. Ensure that the tiles are aligned properly and that no gap is left between tiles. Continue adding the tiles until you reach the plumbing spots.

Tackling the Plumbing

Ascertain the measurements of the plumbing so as to accommodate the tiles around it. Measure the opening of the pipes and the distance between the opening and the nearest pipe.

Marking on the Tile

Take the measurement from the above step and trace them onto the tile. This tile will be cut accordingly and will be placed on the pipe opening. Mark a circle that is .25-inches wider than the pipe opening. Make accurate marks.

Cutting the Tile

After marking the path, cut the tile accordingly using a saw. The carbide rod will be the apt tool for this kind of job.


Once you have cut the tile according to the measurements, place it on the pipe opening. If the opening is completely within the tile, then you may proceed to the next step. If there is any contact, then you will have to further chip tile away with the rod saw.

Working With the Drill

Fix a .25-inch bit to the drill. Connect it to the power supply. Now make a hole inside the circular boundary of the tile.

Positioning the Rod Saw

Take the rod saw and disconnect it from a single end. Now insert this end through the hole you made in Step 8. Pull the end through the hole and connect it back to the saw.

Cutting With the Rod Saw

After introducing the blade through the tile, cut along the circular perimeter of the tile. Now disconnect the saw so as to free it from the tile.

Placing the Cut Tile

The next step is to place the cut tile in position. Apply the mixed mortar on the tile's back and attach it to the wall. If excess mortar seeps, wipe it immediately.

Completing the Task

Tile the remaining area. If there are any other pipe openings, repeat the same process with them. Let the tiles rest for a while.

Replace Fixtures

Once the tiles are fit securely onto the wall, you can replace the showerheads, handles, and faucet.