How to Install Truck Roll Bars

Sway Bars for a truck
  • 2-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-2,000
What You'll Need
Jack Supports
Tire Iron
Roll Bar

Truck roll bars are designed to prevent the truck from rolling too far to one side during turns at speed, and also to ensure that the tires remain on the road. Reducing the amount of turn produced by the car means you can prevent over-steering, and this will help you to economize on tire rubber, and also somewhat on fuel.

Truck roll bars are often fitted to the truck before it is sold, but if you need to install one, then you will have to exercise a lot of caution, as a bad installation will affect how the vehicle handles, and may even lead the truck to overbalance. You can place the roll bar on the truck yourself, using some home improvement tools.

Step 1 - Lift up the Car

You will now need to lift up the front of the truck on jacks. You can use one or two jacks, with the correct support, or you may like to have more, in order to fully support the weight of your truck. The truck may also be lifted up on a car hoisting machine, so long as it is not too large. These machines can save you a lot of effort. Look at the front stabilizer, which is connected using clamps found in the middle of the car frame, near to the radiator of your truck.

Step 2 - Take off the Wheels

You now need to remove the wheels of the truck. Use a tire iron to lift these off of the truck, and then remove them. The wheels are very heavy, so you may need some assistance in taking the wheels off once you have started, but so long as you can manage to remove both wheels, then you can carry on with the job at hand.

Step 3 - Install the Roll Bar

Pick up your truck roll bar, and place it onto the front of the frame, so that it lines up with holes which are placed in the mount. Using the bolts supplied with the kit, bolt the bar onto the frame by hand. These bolts should only be hand-tight for the moment, as you will need to adjust them later on. You should then secure the roll bar ends to the control arms using your wrench.

Step 4 - Adjust the Roll Bar

Take your roll bar, and ensure it lines up by manipulating the suspension with your jack. You can later try this on the open road, and fit it more securely. Tighten up the front bolts, and then screw down the bolts on the control arms using your wrench.

Step 5 - Correct the Bar

Refit the wheels on the car using your tire iron, and then place the car on the ground. You should adjust the bar again now the wheels are on the ground.