How to Install Tumbled Marble Wall Tile

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Tile spacers, 1/4-inch
V-notched trowel, 1/4-by-1/4-inch
White Portland cement mortar
2-by-4-inch board
Rubber mallet
Marble sealer
Sanded grout

Tumbled marble tiles, although it can provide a rustic and "old country" look that you may want in your home, can be tricky to install. Nonetheless, it can be successfully done with by following the information that follows.

Step 1 – Cutting Your Tiles

Cut off broken tile edges or corners with a tile saw before laying them into place.

Step 2 – Apply Mortar

Use a trowel with ¼ inch notches to apply white cement mortar evenly to your wall.

Step 3 - Begin in the Center Section

Install your first tiles in the center, lower section of your wall. Then, progress outward toward the wall edges.

Step 4 – Attach Your Tile

Glue your tile solidly to the wall by pressing tiles separately into the mortar, using spacers in place as you progress. To provide better adherence, lay a board across the installed tiles and strike it with a rubber mallet.

Step 5 – Apply Grout and Sealer

After a drying time of 24 hours, seal the tiles to prevent absorption of grout by the marble. Then, remove spacers and apply sanded grout to spaces between tiles.