How to Install Venetian Blinds

What You'll Need
Venetian blinds
Tape measure
Electric Screwdriver
Drill with drill bits

Venetian blinds are a classic way to dress up any window in your home. They are attractive, functional and are really easy to install. This simple step by step guide will show you everything you need to know to properly install venetian blinds. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Choose Installation Method

First, you need to choose an installation method for your Venetian blinds. You need to choose between installing them inside the window frames or outside and above the window casing. If you have fairly narrow window frames, you might find it easier to install them outside the frame where they are located above the window casing. However, in most cases, type of installation method will be fine and both look fine in most rooms.

Step 2 - Measure Windows

Once you have chosen the method you want to use for installing the Venetian blinds, you will need to measure for the size of blinds you will need. If you are installing inside the window frame, simply measure the width of the window opening. However, if you're installing outside the frame, you need to mark a point on either side of the window casing and measure for the sized blinds you will need.

Step 3 - Purchase Correct Sized Venetian Blinds

Visit your local home improvement store or other retailer and purchase a set of the Venetian blinds that are the correct size. If you can't find a pair of standard sized Venetian blinds that will work with your windows, you can usually have Venetian blinds made to order while you wait at many home improvement centers.

Step 4 - Install Mounting Brackets

Take the first bracket and hold its next to the wall or inside the window frame where it will the mounted and use your pencil to make a mark inside the screw holes. Then take the mounting bracket and transfer it to the other side of the window and do the same. Next, take your drill and pre-drill the screw holes with a bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws you will use to attach the mounting brackets. Finally, use the screws to secure the mounting brackets on either side of the window. Once the mounting brackets are installed, make sure that the clip doors on both brackets are open.

Step 5 - Insert Blinds

After you have the mounting brackets installed, and have checked him with your level to make sure they are straight, you can install the Venetian blinds. To do this, simply take the top rail of the blinds and slide it into the mounting brackets on either side of the window. Don't force the blinds into the mounting brackets, but make sure that they are pushed all the way in and that they are secure. Finally, close the clip doors on the mounting bracket so the Venetian blinds won't fall out when the raising and lowering them.

Step 6 - Secure Mounting Clips

Attach the mounting bracket covers on the front of the mounting clips.