How to Install Vinyl Replacement Windows in a Brick Wall

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 125-250
What You'll Need
Pry bar level
Caulk gun
Claw hammer
Spray foam
Vinyl window

Vinyl replacement windows are a great way to spice up your home. They not only insulate your house well, but are also easy to maintain and contribute to increasing the sale value of your home. While contractors charge a good deal of money, you can gain considerable savings by installing it by yourself.

Step 1: Initial Steps

Use a measuring tape to note the width and height of the old window frame. Buy a window that is two inches shorter than the width and height of the frame. For example, if the frame is 35 inches high and the width is 30 inches, the new window must be 33 by 28 inches in dimension. Check the dimensions of the new replacement window twice, since it is very important that it fits right.

Step 2: Removing Old Window

Detach the interior trim of the old window by lifting it from the sides using a pry bar. Loosen the screws until the trim comes off. There will be two sashes where the screws will be attached. Once you pry the lower sash, the sash ropes need to be cut off, which makes the upper sash sit loose. Make sure that you do not apply much force while prying since your brick wall might crack up. Remove the old caulk using a knife and paint this part before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Filling Gaps

Now see if the window you purchased fits exactly in the older frame. This may be checked by placing the new window against the existing frame. If there are any gaps between the stops and stool of the older window, cut out a narrow strip of pressure treated wood using a reciprocating saw. Install it in the gap by installing screws at the drilled holes that you must make at the corners of the strip, so that the strip fits with the frame. Measure the height and width of the gap and then cut the strip out from the block of wood.

Step 4: Supporting

Take a door stopper and place it on the window sill. Attach it using screws so that after the vinyl window is installed the stopper acts as a front support.

Step 5: Installation

Finally, put up the new replacement window at the center of the opening, where the old window used to be present. There are pre-drilled holes already present in the replacement window jambs. Simply put in the galvanized screws and tighten them using a screwdriver. Make sure that the window fits straight and firm on the frame. Go inside the house to check if the window is smoothly moving without any obstructions.

Step 6: Caulking

Take a caulk gun filled with silicon based caulk and apply it along the outside edges of the window base and sides. This is an effective sealant. Sealing is an integral step, as brick walls absorb lots of water. This could eat up into the window if it is left unsealed. Finally, use spray foam to insulate the window. This simply requires spraying the foam over the window parts you installed. Your vinyl replacement windows are all set up!