How to Install Vinyl Siding around an Octagon Window

What You'll Need
Vinyl Siding
Nails or tacks
Scissors or handsaw

Installing an octagon window in your home can seem like a great idea until it comes to fitting vinyl siding around it. Octagonal windows are a complicated shape, and rather than simply cutting across, as you would for an ordinary window, you will need to cut a series of shapes into different parts of the vinyl in order to make it fit correctly. This can seem like a very complicated job, especially if you are beginner in home improvement. Rather than call in a professional handyman, however, call in a friend to help you do it yourself. With these few simple guidelines, the pair of you should be able to fit vinyl siding around your octagon window in a matter of hours.

Step 1 - Fit Vinyl Strips

Before you begin installing the vinyl siding, you will need to attach the siding strips, known as furring strips, to any siding that extends to windows and doors. Most windows will have some kind of siding, as this protects the inside from water damage. Cut your furring strips into small lengths, so that each piece will wrap around a side of the octagon window, and then fix into place using nails. Make sure that the strips are level, otherwise your vinyl will end up looking crooked.

Step 2 - Install the Vinyl Siding

Fitting vinyl siding to your home is probably the easiest part of this task. Begin at the bottom of your house, and work upwards until you come to the second floor. If your octagonal window is on the first floor, you will need to cut around it during this period, but most octagon windows are installed on the second floor, or between floors, so this is what will be discussed. Once the vinyl is done on the first floor, begin at the second.

Step 3 - Fitting the Octagon Window

Once you begin on the second floor, you will need to fit your vinyl siding around the octagon window. Do this by having your friend hold the vinyl in place, while you mark the position of the cuts you will be making. Cut the vinyl beginning at the top, and moving along the sides. Rather than cut through a whole piece of vinyl, you might like to cover the area around the octagonal window with spare pieces of siding, so you cut small parts for each edge.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have made the cuts, lay the vinyl striping around the window, and nail into place. You will need to cover the outside of the vinyl in caulking, where the cuts have been made, in order to ensure that the cover is completely waterproof. Once you have completed this part of the floor, continue around until the whole house is covered in vinyl. Leave any caulking to dry.