How to Install Vinyl Soffits

Vinyl soffits are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. They also offer ample protection against the rains and sun, as well as eliminate the necessity of painting or scraping from time to time. Installing them is not very difficult and helps you save on costs to a huge extent.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Vinyl Soffit
• 3" round Soffit Vents
• 1" Aluminum Trim Nails
• Ladder
• Aviation Snips
• J-Channel
• Fascia Wrap
• Combination Square
• #8 x 1-1/2" Sheet Metal Screws
• Claw Hammer
• 3" Hole Miter Saw
• Measuring Tape
• Wood Chisel
• 3/8" Drill

Step 1: Initial Steps

Determine the length of the area to be covered by vinyl soffits. They are available in lengths of 12 linear feet. After the soffits are assembled, the area between the locking channels of the soffit is 12 inches in breadth. For an area that is 12 feet wide and equally deep, 2 square feet of soffit has to be used to cover it up. Using the snips, cut the soffit panels to a length, ½ inch less than the full depth, so that there is room for expansion.

Step 2: Removing Trim

Take a wood chisel and place it at the base of the wood trim. Take the claw hammer and hit the chisel so that the trim gets dislodged from its position. Take off the nails that secure the trim with the claw of the hammer. In place of the trim, the J channel will be installed. This channel along the sides and edges will hold the soffit panels in position.

Step 3: Securing Old Soffit

Secure the old wood soffits to the frame with screws that are hex headed metal sheet type. There will be pre drilled holes in the soffits. If they are not made, make holes at the sides, using the electric drill bit till one-inch-deep holes are formed. Never use nails to secure up the soffits.

Step 4: Installing Channels

The J channels should be put at 90-degree corners. Cut a notch and slice the channels down into the soffit mounting surface. You can cut using a miter saw. A tab must be made at an end of the channel. Here insert the next length of the channel. This arrangement allows room for movement and also holds the soffits in place.

Step 5: Securing

After placing the channels in place, attach the channel with screws. The screw must be placed at the center of the channel slot and also have a snug fit so that the slot of the soffit does not become loose.

Step 6: Final Steps

You need to install a fascia wrap after securing the soffits. The fascia wrap is also available in 12-foot lengths. This will protect and secure the outer sides of the vinyl soffit panels. Tuck the wrap behind the part called the drip edge so that rain water does not get trapped between the edge and the fascia. After tucking in, put 1-inch trim nails along the top edge of the fascia. If there is a rain gutter installed on the part above the wrap, nailing the upper part is enough. However, if no gutter is there, the lower edge too must be nailed so that the panel sits in place. After nailing the upper part, pull back the lower part and insert the panels taking two at a time. Work in a way that one is placed under the other so that each pair gets locked in the J channel. The vinyl soffits shall be floating since the panels are cut ½ inch less in length.